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Written by  2015-08-27

Emalyth Arts Expo 7

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We attended the Emalyth Arts Expo in June at the Wolmer Rock Lounge, and it was absolutely awesome.

(Photo by Annari du Plessis)


We had our stall set up along with many other talented crafters and their stalls. We had all our completed projects on display for the enjoyment of the awesome people that attended.

We met so many talented and wonderful people, with skills that would blow your mind. Many rock and metal bands attended so there was great music non-stop.

(Photo by Ruby Vikernes Photography)

There was also a cosplay competition, so naturally Clifford Bennett entered himself into it. He was voted as Best Human cosplay as there was many other cosplayers that were not human so to speak.

(Photo by Ruby Vikernes Photography, Sean Ov-Doom Dalton wearing the helmet.)

As you can see our projects were popular with the bands and the crowd. We had an absolute blast talking with everyone at the show, and appreciated all the advice and compliments that we received.

(Photo by Ruby Vikernes Photography, Lereko Rex Ruthor Mokhesi wearing the hat)

(Photos by Annari Du Plessis)


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