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Matric Farewell

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Clifford Bennett wore his first Steampunk creation to his Matric Farewell in September 2014.

The coat, waistcoat and hat were all custom made, with the hat done by himself, to make the event truly spectacular.


The hat was his first attempt at anything Steampunk related, and it came out as a complete success.

He was the star of the Matric Farewell, with photography requests from nearly all who attended. The uniqueness of his outfit made him
 quite popular, and from then on he went on to make many more Steampunk projects because of the popularity that it got.

The coat and waistcoat were made as a set by Marette Bennett to suit his theme of being a Steampunk aristocrat.

These photos were taken at the Voortrekker Monument, which was the venue for the event.


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